His whole life Jouve travels looking for new models, he visits all the great European zoos, bring back studies, and once back in his studio, he draws his inspiration from them. Some of these long trips will influence his work

Jouve will discover the Maghreb first. With the Army of the Orient: Salonika, and Mount Athos. Then the Far East and the splendours of Angkor, at last Africa.

Discovering the Maghreb (1907 - 1909)

Winner of the grant from the General Governement of Algeria, with Leon Cauvy, Jouve is the first resident of the Villa Abd el Tif.
He stays there for eighteen months, discovers with Maxime Noiré, whose daughter he will marry, Bou Saada and the splendours of the South and already dreams of a journey where he will encounter the Tuaregs. This dream will come true in 1931.

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